Web Hosting Advice

Every website and web app needs to be stored somewhere. We'll help you source and set up the right hosting for you.

Trusted hosting advice

While web hosting is not a service we directly provide, we are able to source and set you up on the right hosting for you. We've hosted the websites and apps we've built on a variety of different hosting providers' platforms, each having their own benefits and pitfalls.

We've worked in shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated hosting and serverless hosting environments including AWS, Digital Ocean and Ionos.

We'll help you find the most cost effective and best platform for you to host your website and/or app on, and we'll even get it all set up for you.

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Keeping your apps and sites secure

With so many attacks, whether targeted or opportunistic, happening on the Internet, it is paramount your website is protected. When we deploy your app to your hosting environment, we'll do using the newest security practices out there.

From setting up firewalls, threat detection and protection against DDoS attacks, we'll help you implement it.

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