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Native app development in Milton Keynes

Native mobile applications are those that are built specifically for the operating system they are to serve. For example, a native iPhone app is built natively using the Swift language whereas a native Android application is written in Kotlin. It usually takes a little bit longer to develop native apps as they have to be written for each operating system individually.

One of the main benefits of a native mobile application is that it is usually much easier to make use of the internal features of the device, such as the camera, accelerometer, compass and more.

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Hybrid app development in Milton Keynes

Sometimes you just want to get an app built and released fast - that's where hybrid mobile applications come in.

With hybrid apps, the app only has to be written once, using one code base and is served on mobile devices as if it is a mobile app. Other than limited access to the device's settings and features, the end user would probably never know it was hybrid.

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