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Web Development / Milton Keynes

Constructing a new web site

1. Discuss the web site

We start the development process by discussing your new web site's requirements, your budget and what type of things you want to include on your web site. We may also make some suggestions.

2. Produce concept designs

This is where we start work on the web site. We produce a range of designs for you based on what you wanted in stage 1. You choose your favourite and that's the one we choose.

3. HTML & CSS conversions

We take that concept design and build it. We write the code that turns it into a web page. This will lay down the foundations for the web application. If you only chose web design, this is where the web site is completed.

4. Check point

You only reach this point if you chose web development. Here we show you the web site as it is built. If it is not what you wanted, we can choose a different concept, or start all over again.

5. Make dynamic

This is where we develop the dynamic (server-side) of your application. We connect it to the database and add the CMS if that's what you wanted.

6. Make improvements

We get your feedback on the application. We make the initial improvements to the application, fix any obvious bugs and check that it is working as you want it to.

7. Test the application

We put the web site/application online via one of our test servers. You then use the system as you would the final release, noting any errors that you come across. You then let us know these errors (bugs) and we instantly fix them.

8. Release the application

We then put the application or web site online either on your hosting package or on ours. We sort out domain names if necessary and Bob's your uncle! Your site is done.